GSoC’21 @OpenMRS- Week 4

Medhavi Srivastava
1 min readJul 4, 2021


Project: Support for Extended Operations in FHIR

Week 4 Experience

Week 4 was quite smooth. All of the older PRs were merged, and we got much closer to the completion of $lastn-encounters.

Tickets I worked on

We worked on 2 new tickets this week. One was for FM2–404, where we had to improve the unit tests for $lastn to check that the results were grouped code-wise, sorted, and the number of distinct effective datetime was up to the vale of $max . This ticket was completed and merged as well.

We worked on another new ticket towards the end of the week. It was FM2–401, where we had to add support for $lastn-encounters for R3. This ticket is still being reviewed. Hopefully will be merged at the beginning of the next week.

Other than that, there were a few improvements in the implementation of FM2–400. So after improving it, it was also merged.

Plans for next week

The only ticket left to complete before the first evaluation is FM2–402, in which we will add the integration tests for $lastn-encounters . Looking forward to completing it soon and hopefully getting a head start for phase 2.